Thursday, March 25, 2010

Edie Sweetie

Edith is turning into a real sweetheart. Here are two examples from today.

Our neighbors came over to play and then had to leave. They were getting into their stroller for the walk home. Meanwhile Edith was inside racing to get her shoes on as fast as she could. I asked her why she needed shoes and she hurriedly told me "I need to hug my friends goodbye." After she got her shoes on she ran outside to give them a goodbye hug.

Later in the day another little girl came over to play. We were all outside and she fell into the toy bin reaching for a ball. It was filled with rain water so she was completely soaked. I ran inside to get her some dry clothes. Meanwhile Edith starts taking off her jacket to offer it to her friend.

Sweet little Edith. She also had a blast tagging along on Addie's school field trip to the hospital. She did everything with the big kids but with a whole lot more enthusiasm than any of them. To be two and have no self-consciousness must be a wonderful thing.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Touchy Feely Art

This week for school one of our projects was to make our own feely page like in so many picture books. Here are the steps.

1. Pick out a desired fabric. Draw a picture on cardstock that the fabric will go into.

2. Cut out a hole in the picture. I used my handy dandy ceramic cutting tool for this.

3. Use an embellishment glue stick to stick down fabric to the back and then glue a second sheet of cardstock over this. Use staples for thick fur fabric.

4. Seal edges with colored masking tape.

Trekker made a cat, Addie made a circle/egg, and I helped Edie make Cookie Monster. Trekker was definitely the most excited about this project.