Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Painting on Acetate

I have a whole bunch of page protectors lying around and thought I would utilize them for a painting project. Painting definitely tops the girls' list of art projects. )I just got some no spill paint cups with matching brushes and was eager to try them out.) For Addie I cut open a page protector leaving it connected on one side. I opened it up and had her paint. Then when she was done I just closed it for easy drying. I thought these might look nice on the window and might later use my die cutter to create some nice window ornaments. For Edith I completely cut the page protector in two and then put it back together when she was done. Both girls enjoyed painting on the slick surface. Addie said she was painting a jungle. Edith just enjoyed the motion of painting.

These trays came from a gift we got when Addie was born. It was a little plastic suitcase filled with baby medicine and nail clippers. Addie had used it for a while as a play suitcase until the hinges broke. Now each side makes a great painting tray. A piece of paper fits inside perfectly and the one inch edges are perfect for keeping the paint off the table. Note: paint still ends up on the children. The trays clean easily and I am quite proud of my reuse of an item that many would have thrown away as soon as the original contents had been emptied.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


We usually do an art project almost every single day. Even though I try to be careful and cautious using trays and washable materials our table is getting stained. I thought I would create a second blog showing off some of the girls' works. I have a bunch of pictures from recent projects so I will start by catching up with those.

One morning while Edith was still asleep Addie and I made some tissue paper creations with bleeding tissue paper.

Step 1: Cut tissue paper into small pieces.

Step 2: Arrange the tissue pieces on a sheet of white paper.
Step 3: Gently brush water on your paper. Not too dry and not too wet please. Note: bleeding tissue paper does stain tables!

Step 4: Carefully pull the tissue bits off your paper. Addie had a little bit of trouble with this part and made a hole in her white sheet. You really need to be gentle if your paper is wet.

Here are our projects. Usually I don't actually do a project myself, but I was excited about this one so Addie's is the one on top and mine is the bottom one. I was inspired by this blog to make this project. I think they used this method to dye Easter eggs.