Sunday, July 12, 2009


We usually do an art project almost every single day. Even though I try to be careful and cautious using trays and washable materials our table is getting stained. I thought I would create a second blog showing off some of the girls' works. I have a bunch of pictures from recent projects so I will start by catching up with those.

One morning while Edith was still asleep Addie and I made some tissue paper creations with bleeding tissue paper.

Step 1: Cut tissue paper into small pieces.

Step 2: Arrange the tissue pieces on a sheet of white paper.
Step 3: Gently brush water on your paper. Not too dry and not too wet please. Note: bleeding tissue paper does stain tables!

Step 4: Carefully pull the tissue bits off your paper. Addie had a little bit of trouble with this part and made a hole in her white sheet. You really need to be gentle if your paper is wet.

Here are our projects. Usually I don't actually do a project myself, but I was excited about this one so Addie's is the one on top and mine is the bottom one. I was inspired by this blog to make this project. I think they used this method to dye Easter eggs.

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