Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cooperative Painting

The three girls set-up to do a cooperative painting. We taped some paper to the table and then put small bits of tape on the paper. This was especially challenging for Addie and myself because as we worked adding tape, Edie worked removing tape. Once we were satisfied with our tape we each got a color paint and a brush. Then we played simon says with the paint. Simon says, "paint fast, paint circles, have the paint brush dance, pass your paint, ect." Addie was absolutley thrilled when we removed the tape. Edith on the other hand wandered away doing her own thing.

We all had fun and enjoyed making a project together. No fighting. Peaceful.
Thanks Artful Parent as usual.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sand Harmonograph

I had kept this super expensive box from moving because I knew it would be useful one day. I finally found a great use for it, making a simple and contained harmonograph. I found a great idea perusing the Internet of making one with paint. After many failed attempts at getting paint to make lines instead of drops and splatters I asked my Dad for advice. He suggested sand. We have a few jars of colored sand and a plethora of contact paper so I tried that. It worked wonderfully.

The box has a built in bar that I hung our applesauce cup from using yarn and gimp(rexlace). I poked a hole through the applesauce cup using a screwdriver. I taped a few pennies around the cup to weight it down a bit. Then I cut contact paper to fit and placed in the bottom of the box. I had cut an access panel in the side of the box so the girls could see what was happening. I should have made this a tad bit bigger to aid in removing the projects easily. Place sand in the cup and let the girls swing away. Two colors of sand worked great. After a few swings we spooned some white sand over the entire drawing so it would not be sticky. This helped keep the design because I had to fold the contact paper to get it out of the access panel and I didn't want the extra colored sand moving around and wrecking the design.

The girls loved it and I will probably attempt to figure out the right paint consistency. Edith did need some prompting to let go of the string so that it could actually draw a pattern. Overall a big hit.

Addie's is pictured first and then Edith's.